Just used my new John Deere E110 lawn tractor for the first time, and it works great. When it was delivered I noticed the lid for the compartment next to the cup holder was missing. The next time I was in Lowes where I bought it I mentioned it to them. They said it...
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John Deere D160

Mower is 3yrs old. Bought with heavy duty motor at extra cost. Mowed for about 30 minutes yesterday. Horrible racket! Sounds like bent rod. Jd today to ask how long warranty on motor. Idiot knew nothing. Finally put me on hold and then said jd does not warranty their motors.
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I recently called into John Deere to ask a few questions regarding a part. I was calling to ask a question about a front blade on a X394 machine. The Gentleman, seemed perturbed to be helping me to begin with. The part number I have out of the brochure 6005M did not...
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Wrong number gave me financial
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paul McClure

Midwest in Princeton Minneasota Did the same thing to me. We agreed to a price. They change the price on the contract. This is dirty practice by Midwest Machinery of Minneasot...

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on year number 4, this tractor alwasys garaged, washed after each mowing, the paint started peeling off in sheets, No Primer, Called John Deere, :"Oh we are sorry you have had an issue, I will assign a customer complaint number, thank you for calling, goodby............
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Why does my D105 mower have plastic gears that has now broken. I bought this mower to cover my needs for years. This mower is less than 4yrs. Old and now already out of service. This is not why good people should be treated to a service by this type of mower. Not a...
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John Deere - Tractor don’t run right

We have a 2013 tractor and put $5,000 work of parts on it and had 2 John deer dealers look at it and can’t fix it so I want to know what am I supposed to do with a John deer tractor that not even John deer can fix?????
Saltillo, Mississippi
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I am a temp My contract ends at the end of this month. I cant believe the experience I've witnessed at John Deere. 1st week on the job I had a worker pin me against a planter and ask me if I have ever been rapped by a man. I try to avoid this person and keep my mouth...
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Paton, Iowa
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John Deere - Psint sheeting off D100 JD

At the end of season one, i noted the paint separating from the metal under footpads. Sanded and repainted. Season two, paint coming off on sides of mower. Metal was NEVER prepped OR PRIMED. Called John Deere, thank you for calling, have a good day...never a sorry for your inconvenience ect. DEERE used to be top of the line, not anymore. P.O.S. DO NOT WASTE UR MONEY ON A JOHN DEERE.
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John Deere - D130 Tractor with snowblower attachment
I purchased a John Deere tractor , model D130 from A dealer named Finch in Calverton NY. Before purchasing the unit I told them I was going to use it for snow removal. The sales person in the office sold me on the D130 tractor and 44 inch snowblower attachment. I was...
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