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I have 93 hours and it is just shy of being 3 years old. I am now looking at a $500 repair from the local dealer.

The tractor cost me $1699. I had a craftsman tractor for 16 years and when it wore out, I decided to buy the top of the line.......WHAT A MISTAKE! Is this the kind of garbage a company like Deere puts on the market? The dealer tells me he has seen this on other occasions when the tractor has a Briggs & Stratton engine.

It will be a cold day in *** when I buy another product from JOHN Deere.

Look at the cheaper brands. They will last much longer without having to do a major repair.

Product or Service Mentioned: John Deere D110 Lawn Tractor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Take care of the repair bill. 93 hours on an engine? .

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We replaced the engine in our John Deere riding mower. Now 2 yrs later blown head gasket!

Talk about a money pit!! Never buying one again!!!


E110. Blown head gasket. 2 hours!


Have John Deere tractor D105 Dealer tells me blown head gasket And tractor only had 110 hours Dealer wants $430 to repair Would not recommend anyone purchasing this brand ever I’m like previous poster and had Sears tractor for 15 years and Never had any problems John Deere’s brand is forever tarnish In my mind


Mine blew at 26 hours


Mine just blew at 60 hours. Before this owned 2 Craftsman sit downs for a total of 20 years...

never had an issue. For the head gasket to go at 60 hours is ridiculous. Asked JD if maybe they wanted to pitch in a little on the repair. They strung me along for two months telling me they are talking to this person, that person, until I realized they were just waiting for me to go away.

this stuff is complete crap. Don't waste your money.


The D110 is really one of the cheaper machines and yes, I thing the B&S engine is rather suspect in the past few years. I gave away a 9 year old JD with a Briggs engine that had it's compression relief valve go bad.

Like yours, not worth fixing. Still started, but you had to turn the flywheel in order to start it. An irritating experience. I recently replaced it with an S240 which has a Kawasaki engine.


Fantastic engine and starts extremely quickly and runs like a top and quiet. Just remember that the cheaper models of any brand are just that-----cheap.


40 hours and a blown gasket, 3 years old, WTF! Will not pay $500 for the repair, will attempt myself as there are good YouTube videos and seems easy, just time consuming. If it doesn't work out I'm selling As Is and getting a zero turn from a reputable company.


I have a John Deere D110 just over three years old with less than 70 hours. It is currently in the shop have the head gasket replaced. I purchased from Lowe's.


I have the same model at 48 hours. Same problem.

Strarted biting oil and then leaking from fuel pump. Dealer just said it happens sometimes.

But not even 50 hours on engine. What a joke


My father's d110 has about 46 hours on it and the head gasket is gone. Also of note is our discovery of how cheaply the engine is built as we were taking it apart.

The fuel pump is held on with plastic snaps, for example. The battery is held in place by an electrical tie.


127 Hours and a blown head gasket. Dealer said this is a very common issue with this engine.


less than 60 hours on my D110 and it has a blown head gasket!


We have went through 4 head gaskets on this mower and 3 cam shafts in 4 years. John deere is a joke


I also have a D110 with a blown head gasket. Mine is 4 years old with only 41 hours on it.

The cost at the dealer is over 500. They are living off the john deere name and are building junk like craftsman


You are not alone . D110.

19 hp 42 inch 2years old 119 hrs used

Blown head gasket . Leaking transmission.

Very poor quality !

Don't waste your money !

Tell a friend if they are considering getting a tractor

I wish someone told me !

to Bill7496 #1373127

Mine too 67 hours and just over two years old. Head gasket blown and now looking at large repair bill with 4 week wait a John Deere local service center

to Pissed GA #1535612

Mine is 2 years and 2 months. 45 hours Ridiculous!!!

John Deere needs a recall . I talked to John Deere mechanic who fixed it and said he's replaced 15 since that mower has come out.

I'm going to try and get JohnDeere to pay for it. Everyone reading this -- bombard John Deere customer service center.

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